Saturday, March 16, 2013

D I Y- Coconut Whipped Body Cream

If you are like me you  have tried several if not all body lotions out there to try and get that amazing smooth skin that they all seem to advertise.  I have very dry skin and in the winter months it gets even worse.  So I was looking for something that not only nourished  my skin but also helped with the pain of the split skin from the dry weather.  I have become a huge fan of Pinterest.  They have so many awesome ideas and DIY projects.  I was on Pinterest the one night searching through the DIY and Craft section and I came across a recipe for Whipped Coconut Body Butter.  I looked at the ingredients and thought to myself "Could it really be anymore simple." I went out and I bought the items and whipped up a batch and seriously am a glad I did.
The Coconut Whipped Body Cream has replaced all the other body lotions I was using.  I love the fact that when you apply the Coconut Whipped Body Cream it melts into your skin, it is made from coconut oil so it is oil based but it sinks in within 10 minutes or so.  A little goes a long way.  It also keeps its consistency until you apply it.  Here is the recipe I use:

Coconut Whipped Body Cream

  • 1 lb Organic Pure Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 4 tsp Vitamin E Lotion 
Tools used:
  • Spatula
  • Spoon
  • Electric Mixer - with the stir paddle and whisk attachment
  • Large bowl

In a large bowl, combine the Coconut Oil (I used 1 lb but you can certainly adjust the recipe as you see fit.) Then add the 4 tsp of Vitamin E lotion.

You are going to want to start with the stir paddle attachment that comes with your electric mixer, as when you first start the Coconut Oil is very thick and lumpy. I usually use the stir paddle for about 3 minutes to break up the Coconut Oil.

After about 3 minutes of mixing with the stir paddle, you are going to want to switch over to your whisk. Continue mixing for about 6 minutes or until the Coconut Oil resembles the consistency of frosting. The whisk gives it that whipped look.

Once you have the Coconut Oil and Vitamin E mixed transfer into a jar to store it! I usually use a spatula and spoon so I can press down the Coconut Whipped Body Cream into the jar.

There you have it! Your very own DIY Coconut Whipped Body Cream!

As far as pricing this is a very cost effective body cream.

Cost to make your own DIY Coconut Whipped Body Cream:

1 lb Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Bulk Barn)- $6.99/lb (on sale) Normal pricing is $9.19/lb
1 Bottle Vitamin E Lotion (Dollar Tree)- $1
1 Jar - (Dollar Tree)- $1

The Coconut Whipped Body Cream lasts a long time, as I have said a little goes a long way. You can definitely do different variations and add for example Vitamin E Oil instead of the Vitamin E lotion or also add Shea Butter.  But I personally love the Coconut and Vitamin E combination.

Let me know what you think if you try out the recipe!

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