Friday, March 27, 2015

Settling Into My New Lifestyle....

As most of you know I have been watching what I have been eating in an effort to lose weight.  I am on a huge weight loss journey.  Right now I have lost 28 lbs and on Tuesday I will see how much further I have come on this journey at my next weigh in.  I am following a low carb diet, I have eliminated potatoes, pasta and bread from my diet.

I will tell you this, I have a lot more energy than I had previously, I also do not have the pain in my knees that I had.  I am on day 61 of tracking my food with My Fitness Pal.  Right now I am allowed 433 g of carbs a day, I have myself down below 150 g of carbs a day.  I am going to eventually lower myself to 50 g of carbs. I am not eating very many processed foods at all.  I have cut out all sweets.  But honestly I may allow myself something here and there if I want it (a bit of something).  But I personally have found that if I have a sweet craving if I have something like fruit and cool whip or a smoothie I can usually satisfy my craving for something sweet.

I have found that being creative and finding great recipes are key to staying on the low carb eating plan I am following.  I am so lucky that my fiance loves to cook! There are so many amazing recipes that I will give you links to soon! Most recently I tried Cloud Bread.  It is phenomenal!

Find the recipe for Cloud Bread HERE

The recipe above has the option of sweetener I never use it, I omit that.

It is not too hard to follow the low carb diet, I have found following it, more than anything I don't miss the bread, pasta and potatoes.  Now that I am used to eating lower carb foods. I do miss fruit, I don't eat it much it is mostly unlimited veggies.  But for a treat I will eat some berries which are lower carb.

I am going to stay on this track, see where I go from here! :)

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