Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Day 55 and Feeling Fine.....

I did it! Yes I actually have quit smoking! How awesome is that! Pretty awesome if you ask me! I am at day 55 and didn't think I would make it past day 6 like before.  It is not easy and I still get cravings every so often, but it is definitely worth it.  I am in the process of getting healthy! Honestly if I can quit smoking ANYONE can quit smoking because I made just about every excuse not to quit.  But I must say I am pretty proud of the fact that I haven't even though some days have wanted to but that I haven't turned around and bought another pack.  I have to be smoke free for 6 months to get a surgery I want to get and I am now closer than I ever have been to achieving my goal! I must say that anyone trying to quit smoking or wants to quit smoking, I would definitely suggest checking out the Livestrong "My Quit Coach" app that you can download on your iphone or Android. The community of people on that app have been a major reason why I have been able to quit. But I will definitely be updating you all on my process as I go along!

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