Sunday, September 08, 2013

Getting Closer to.......30......

So awhile back I wrote a post about the things I wanted to do before I turned 30....I am getting closer and closer to that no so magical I thought I would revise the list....I am allowed right?
I also told you guys that I would keep you in case you forgot here is my original list:

1. Get a tattoo. - I have wanted this for a LONG time and I keep putting it off, so as they say "No time like the present!"

2. Travel outside of Canada - I have done this, but it was to a Nascar race. It was for really it was not a purely fun trip. I want a fun trip out of Canada!

3. Volunteer on a regular basis. - I have volunteered for events before, but I want to actually sign up and volunteer my time on a regular basis to a association/organization that helps people on a daily basis.

4. Have concrete plans to go back to school. - I want to either do my BA in Psychology, or go back to college to become a Social Worker.

5. Throw a successful charity event. - Raise money for a worth while cause.

6. Find the right shade of Red lipstick! I have been searching forever for this shade and let me tell you I have failed. I want to find a shade of red lipstick that suits me!

7. Make $1000 in one year selling Avon. I have sold Avon for quite some time now and I haven't really made a profit. I have regular customers....but I need to build my business further....

8. Go to a spa....I have never gone, however I deserve to be pampered!

9. Find a good guy. I know that they say when you are looking you are less likely to find one, so I am giving up and letting nature take it's course! What will be will be! :)

10. Take a photography course! I love photography, I would like to learn how to do it better! So I think I would like to take a course to learn better techniques of photography!

So far I have accomplished 1 goal.

So here is my new revised list for the things I want to do before I turn 30!

1.  Get a tattoo. - Still trying to get this done! Top of my list for a reason! It will be done before I am 30! I swear!

2. Quit Smoking- I want to quit. Hoping this is sooner rather than later as I am currently on Champix.

3. Get on the road to being DEBT FREE.- This is a big one.

4. Have a savings account with a substantial amount in it.

5. Have a job that I love to go to everyday.

6. Have concrete plans to go back to school.

7. Have the surgery.

8. Travel outside Canada again- I have done this once but it was for a job, so it was not really a vacation.

9. Volunteer on a regular basis.

10. Take a photography course.

Not too shabby! Hopefully they shall be done, I do have exactly approx 16 more months before I turn I should be able to cross some of these off my list! :) I would be happy with myself if I achieve 5 of these!

What are your goals? Are you in the same boat as me? Turning 30 and wanting to achieve a goal list? Let me know!

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