Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Favourite Things....

Everyone has that list of things that they love. Things that make you smile! Well if you don't....think about it, what makes you smile? Why?
Cause who needs a reason to smile! Just like Oprah, here is my list of favourite things. The things that make me smile.

1. My Mom- this woman is my idol. I am blessed to have the world's best Mom. She is always there to listen and offer advice, which yes sometimes I don't want to hear but in the end is always something I need to hear.

2. My Best Friend- she has been there for years and is like the sister I never had! 

3.  My Boyfriend- This man melts my heart. He listens to me and is my shoulder to cry on. He doesn't judge he loves unconditionally. 

4. My Puppy Dogs!- nobody in the world loves like an animal! They are always so happy to see you! 

5.  Lip Gloss! specifically Bonne Bell Lip Smackers Lip Balm- I am in love with this lip balm. It reminds me of my childhood if I could get the Bubble Gum flavour I still would. However the Vanilla flavour always reminds me of many fond memories from my childhood!

6.  The smell of fresh laundry! Especially when you use Downy Unstoppables- These are amazing and honestly makes me love the smell of fresh laundry even more! 

7. Books! I hate e-readers, hand me a physical book any day! 

8. Coffee - I could not go a day without coffee.

9. Vanilla chai tea- this tea is phenomenal.

10. My iphone- I honestly could not live without my iphone. I use it for everything! Even writing my blog! It has everything in it!

What are some of your fave things?

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