Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quitting Smoking.

So today is day 4....I honestly never thought I would make it past day 2 of quitting smoking.
I have been using a Vapur e-cigarette which contains no tar or nicotine.  I am also on Champix.  The cravings are horrible, not going to lie.  I am still ready to cave and go get a pack of cigarettes.  However I keep talking to myself and reminding myself of all the reasons I wanted to quit in the first place. 

1. My overall health.
2. To be able to get the surgery I need to get.

My boyfriend has been phenomenal in supporting me I am really lucky to have such a great guy.  It kinda does make me sick to know I have smoked for 12 years and just how much crap is likely in my lungs right now.  However hopefully by stopping now and not being a smoker for 50 years I can reverse some of that damage to my lungs.  I am already getting my sense of smell back! Not such a blessing sometimes lol!

Trying to stay positive and just know that this is all worth it because without quitting I cannot achieve my goal of a healthier me.

How many of you have quit? What advice can you offer me?

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